Friday, October 07, 2005

Pause and Play

A little bit of life got in the way of keeping the podcast uptodate, that little bit of life is now happily asleep a few hours a day so I can squeeze in projects like this. So here we are again.

After the pause how many folks are left listening? According to the logs there are 186 unique users who have been checking the feed for new shows in October. Thanks for sticking back to the grand fathead....


Dimas Peder said...

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Rich said...

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Tom said...

Thanks for the sales pitches, but no danke. First I dont ever want to make money off of this podcast, it is Sheps words..Im just getting them to folks in a manner they might find useful.

Second thse podcasts sound like they do becuase that is how they sound. If you want Shep to become a "podcast pro" then I think you might find your expectations a bit off true.

Podcasting has become an interesting beast in the last year. That folks can make an industry out of a few tags around an mp3 file is a sure sign the leasons of the 90's were not learned well enough.

Float on you fatheads.


Ideas500 said...

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Homer said...

You are a great American. Thanks for this fantastic feed! I used to listen to Jean when I was a wee Fink back in the 70s. This is awesome.

Homer Fink

ShepFan said...


I was planning a Shep podcast of my own until I found yours. Not having kids (or even a job, for the moment) I thought I'd have time to help keep the legacy alive.

I don't want to compete with your podcast, but I'm curious what your plans are. Is it dead? Do you need or want someone to help? I could envision a small group of fans keeping this going, without it becoming a full-time job for any one.

Please respond here if convenient, or if you'd rather speak privately, I can post an email address.


Tom said...

Heya, As you can tell my time for posting the shep goods are limited. If your wanting to help out I have in mind a redoing of the Shep podcast so that it can be more of a collaborative effort, the more hands the more its updated. We should get togeher over the miracle of daNet and work it out so the thing will be mutualy beinifical.

Thanks for offering

Gef said...

Thanks for that, it's great to see a slightly different persepective on the topic.
BTW have you seen my new pup from Darksky Alaskan Malamutes? He's really a great pup.
Have a great day