Friday, February 03, 2006

Onward Moreward

I was wishing that folks would take up the call to spread Shep far and wide in whatever newfangled
gizmodic ways would come along, so and they are. In the last few days I have contacted by a fellow fathead looking to do a JS podcast and have stumbled on a couple of xml feeds over on FlickLives.

The one that got me by surprise was a podcast of a reading of the venerable I Libertine.Gadzoooks. the hoax that will not go quiet into that goodnight. Hail the fatheads responsible.

Check here soon for an update on the possible collaborative revamp of this podcast. Lets face it folks I have proven that even with best intentions I am not able to do even the simple task of cutting and pasting urls in a timely manner. If you have any interest in helping take paart in the collaboration just post a note up here.

Onward and Moreward ye fatheads.

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