Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Creeping round the slobernets

The man just wont go quietly into that good night ladies. Where is Shep to be found in the chrome plated future of the intertubes? We all know about the Jukebox and the JSProject, but onto the grounds of the masses go he......

The Internet Archive

My how the fertilizer spreads:)- Next up, Shep In Space, the lunar colonies best loved voice in the dark.

You just wait.

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isdisasystem said...

Great site. And to think he did that show because he got bumped from the fill-in for Jack Paar (true ?). Or so goes the story. Joe Frank was the bridge for me. From midwestern hayseed storybook innocence americana (the 50's) to angst-ridden Swiss immigrant trying to assimilate(the 70's and 80's)