Friday, January 21, 2005


Enter Podcasting

And here we are, years gone by and whats the deal?

The live365 stream has been up and going unattended all this time as I did not pay up the fess set out for the "free" service. If you have a live365 account you have been enjoying those 20+ hours of Shep...

My web site has rotated thru a few dozen shows with a good number of downloads.

So whats new? Well since we last posted here netcasting has moved into being timeshifted, from being a push into a pull and getting the name podcasting. And with that though in mind...

The Jean Shepherd Fatheads Podcast

Point your podcasting app at that and every day or three you will find a Shep broadcast of about the same day ..only a few decades time your podcasts destination.

Most all these shows are hosted up at the amazing Jean Shepherd Archives who over the years have done more to get the Shep goodness out to more and more folks.

Over time I would also like to include newly created audio pieces of and about Shep, who his stuff is being used today, how it has impacted your it "Messages From The Fatheads"

If you have particular requests or even contributions to the podcast please let me know