Monday, October 02, 2006

Circle Cycles spin spin spin

Over time a man will find his projects rise and fall and ebb and flow and take a ride on other streams and come back to roost when the roosting is good.

Even though I have not been keeping the netcast /podcast going, that of course falling to our fine brethren over at the Brass Figalee, but I have been busy work on some ideas that soon, very soon maybe, spring into fruition.

No no no no names yet, to name it is to wreck it at this point. Lets just say many of the projects are aimed at making listening to Shep easier for us slobs who dont like to overly muck with things on a daily basis. Other projects are more the use of Shep for mean other than the linear listening experience.

But all of this is just me, so what about you all out there. Who is still keeping an eye on this blog and what Shepprojects are in the works from your ends, such as they are...haw haw haw.

True, I hear the yell of "But Im just here to listen" folks and thats good great and doubts. But I know there is always the 5% of any crowd who feels compelled to monkey with matter, you know who you are so there is no use putting on the poker face now.

One such fathead's project can be found up on in the form of a fantastic book, and I say that not just because this blog gets a mention in the back. Its a grat read and a good bit of Shep from other eyes.

There are more projects out there, I can tell. Post em up, send me an email...I would love to hear about them and revel in their being.

Nuf for now, more when the code gets more than alpha...