Monday, October 02, 2006

Circle Cycles spin spin spin

Over time a man will find his projects rise and fall and ebb and flow and take a ride on other streams and come back to roost when the roosting is good.

Even though I have not been keeping the netcast /podcast going, that of course falling to our fine brethren over at the Brass Figalee, but I have been busy work on some ideas that soon, very soon maybe, spring into fruition.

No no no no names yet, to name it is to wreck it at this point. Lets just say many of the projects are aimed at making listening to Shep easier for us slobs who dont like to overly muck with things on a daily basis. Other projects are more the use of Shep for mean other than the linear listening experience.

But all of this is just me, so what about you all out there. Who is still keeping an eye on this blog and what Shepprojects are in the works from your ends, such as they are...haw haw haw.

True, I hear the yell of "But Im just here to listen" folks and thats good great and doubts. But I know there is always the 5% of any crowd who feels compelled to monkey with matter, you know who you are so there is no use putting on the poker face now.

One such fathead's project can be found up on in the form of a fantastic book, and I say that not just because this blog gets a mention in the back. Its a grat read and a good bit of Shep from other eyes.

There are more projects out there, I can tell. Post em up, send me an email...I would love to hear about them and revel in their being.

Nuf for now, more when the code gets more than alpha...

Friday, February 10, 2006

The JSN - All Fatheads All The Time, Mostly

When it rains it pours...get out your umbrella folks this is going to be a doozy.

With the advent of The Brass Figlagee and the continued greatness of the folks who run the Shep Juckebox/Archive, The Jean Shepherd Project (Fathead Central) and FlickLives we have a sort of Jean Shepherd Network...All Fatheads All The Time..Mostly.

And this is where you come in. Up till now the whole gig for many people has been listening to Shep. This is a great and glorious thing but there is more to be done. Many of the groups , including some projects I work on, are helping not only keep Shep alive but spread him further and wider than ever. What I think should happen next, if its not already happening, is you the listener stepping up and putting your two bits into the mix.


Techology is a wickedly cool mistress. She will give you enough rope to hang yourself in manners pleaseing to her desire. In this age of tech we have easy ways to create MP3s (audacity + a mic), we have the means to distribute them (podcasts, archives, blogs), and we have a rich collection of material to draw from both from the Shep works and outside the body of his work.

So now its up to you. Want to do a documentary on Shep? Go for it. Want to make a mashup of Shep Vs JayZ Vs Benny Goodman? Make it so. Want to rework Sheps works into new works via cutups and mixups? Have at it.

If you build it they will come, and we will distribute it.

Thats another way to help, distribution and spreading of the good word of the head Fathead. Drop a cd or dvd on a pal, inject Shep in your conversations, wow the ladies with your skill on the kazoo.

There has been a core group of folks, may of whom have never met or even know about each other, who have up till now kept Shep alive and available pretty much for anyone to get gratis. This effort cost some of those folks alot in time, effort and cashito. Freely Given is the key phrase here. These projects did not lock down Shep in copyright hell and charged you 20$ a cd. Dearly Got and Freely Given....Its time to take up the burden and distribute it around as well as to create more vectors and content for folks to get into and stay into Shepdom.

Am I just blowing like a cheap steam vent in a crappy NY apartment? I hope not.

Step right up.

Contact your fave Shep Project, or Projects, and ask how you can help, Create stuff, Get to know each other.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Brass Figlagee

If your looking for a more regular dose of Shep then try out the new Jean Shephered podcast entitled The Brass Figlagee. You can never have too much Shep so the addition of another podcast thats offering up the goods is a mighty cool thing.


Friday, February 03, 2006

Onward Moreward

I was wishing that folks would take up the call to spread Shep far and wide in whatever newfangled
gizmodic ways would come along, so and they are. In the last few days I have contacted by a fellow fathead looking to do a JS podcast and have stumbled on a couple of xml feeds over on FlickLives.

The one that got me by surprise was a podcast of a reading of the venerable I Libertine.Gadzoooks. the hoax that will not go quiet into that goodnight. Hail the fatheads responsible.

Check here soon for an update on the possible collaborative revamp of this podcast. Lets face it folks I have proven that even with best intentions I am not able to do even the simple task of cutting and pasting urls in a timely manner. If you have any interest in helping take paart in the collaboration just post a note up here.

Onward and Moreward ye fatheads.