Monday, February 28, 2005

Stats and Such

Its been over a month now since I started doing the JS podcast. I thought maybe three or four folks would be listening, maybe eight repeating folks at best. I would take a look at all of Feb but our DNS got fuxored for a few days so lets take a peek at the last 7 days of requests.

Unique IP's requesting the feed

Feb 21 - 39
Feb 22 - 44
Feb 23 - 42
Feb 24 - 53
Feb 25 - 42
Feb 26 - 42
Feb 27 - 50
Feb 28 - 46
358 Total Request
of those 185 where Unique over the span of the week

So if I am reading this all right 185 folks tried out the cast this last week. Well thats darn cool. Even if just 10% of these folks listened to the shows that still more than double what I was shooting for.

And what does this tell us about the greater mysteries of life and the universe? Absolutley nothing, and in spades. So to all those new FatHeads grabbing the feed, send a big thanks to the guys who run the Shep Archive for hosting all these files and Excelsior etc etc.