Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Long John Nebel Collection 

In many of  Shep's broadcasts the name of Long John Nebel is dropped. I have only ever heard bits and pieces of Nebel's shows so with a night to spare I
went hunting the intertubes for his broadcasts. A mention here, a file there, dates and bits of dates , a list of known surviving recordings  and soon I had the files and metadata for a nice little collection.

I  cleaned up the files and posted what I had found up on Archive.org under the title The Long John Nebel Collection 

Included are a few shows that Shep sat in on in part or in whole. Eventualy those will be included in the Omnivore Shep Playlist

If you know of or have more broadcasts of Long John please let me know and I can included them in the collection.


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