Sunday, May 01, 2016

Updates and More Podcasts

A few years down the road and things are cooking along nicely. Over the years a few new shows have been added to the podcast source list and a few corrections have been made. There are nearly 800 items being pulled from to make the daily podcast. I have my eyes open for new additions but if you notice I have missed some please let me know the source urls of the mp3s and I will try to get it in the source.

I did one or two cleanups on the Omnivore Shep Playlist and have now make an easy to download m3u file. You can get the file at

Since  making the Shep-A-Day Podcast generator I have used the same basic setup to create a few more of broadcasts I like to get automagicaly in my podcast stream as well as a few for comrades in the fine art of listening. Here then is the list of daily automagicaly generated podcasts and the RSS feeds that you can tell you podcast listener to go fetch them from.

Fib-A-Day Podcast - Being Fibber McGee and his better half. If folks want I could also craft up a Throckmorton-A-Day podcast.

The Hot-Buttered Podcast - Movies on the radio, radio on the movies. Lux, Screen Guild, Academy Award, etc etc.

O For Orson Podcast - The broadcasts of the man who once said he wanted written on his gravestone, "He never Did Love Boat" Orson Welles

The Shep-A-Day Fathead Podcast - This one you already know being here, but for completeness sake....being the broadcasts of Jean Shepherd yakking up a storm, berating his engineers or just spinning a yarn about when he was just this kid ...

Storied Fiction Podcast - SF, fantasy, a few present day fantasticals. Think Dimension X, Theater Five , etc etc.

The Hard Boiled Podcast - Johnny Dollar, Philip Marlow, Bold Adventure, etc etc. Grit, gumshoes and guns.

Kids Serialized Adventures Podcast - Not just for kids but shows that speak to the younglings. Superman, Jerry of the Circus, Tom Corbet, The Comic Weekly Man, Magic Island. Note, these shows do not line up with their original broadcast dates. I set them up so they run one or two at at time and in sequence so they can be listening each day as a true serial.

This Day In History - News and event broadcasts from history.

This Day In Funny - Comedy tonight.... You Bet Your Life and Bob And Ray are just two of the shows you will hear on this stream .

The Broadcast Day Podcast - If you can not get enough of all of the above and want it all in one big daily podcast that you can listen to as you go through your day... The Broadcast Day Podcast includes all of the above in one go.

So there they are, Enjoy them if they are your cup of tea.

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